Sunday, 13 June 2010

It's June

It's June, ALREADY! Well we're a few days into June. Well nearly two weeks. Eeek.

Well I have decided I need to clean my act up on the spending front and become a bit more thrifty again. I've spend nearly all my money on clothes and they were hardly investment pieces. So aims for the month (money-wise)...

1. Sell unwanted clothes on Ebay.
2. Stop buying new clothes, you don't need them! Really you don't Ellie!
3. Start bringing a packed lunch to uni!
4. Try and get student discount on EVERYTHING.
5. If I need to buy something see if it's cheaper on Ebay first.
6. No haircut until July.
7. Carry on with the no drinking thing.

That list looks achievable to me! Well I'll put it into action anyway and let you know how I'm getting on. If you hadn't noticed I like making lists on this blog and by lists I mean numbered lists.

Other than that I've started my food diary again to try and lose some lbs. I'd put about a stone on during my new placement. Thanks to chocolate bars and crisps! Not good! But I'm doing well. Big pat on the back. Well done me!

I'm enjoying every second I spend with the Fella, I love him. He's pretty darn perfect!

Right I've tired myself out with all this blogging!

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