Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Roman Holiday (1953)

While doing my knitting, I decided to watch Roman Holiday. It's a lovely film starring Audrey Hepburn made in 1953. Hepburn plays Princess Anne who is doing a tour of Europe with a very strict schedule, one night she decides she has had enough of being told what to do and she rebels. She sneaks away in the night and finds herself asleep on a public bench in Rome, where she meets a handsome man named Joe Bradley (played by Gregory Peck). He assumes she must be very drunk to have fallen asleep in the middle of the city. Bradley is a reporter from America working for a small newspaper in Rome. He takes Anne back to his house so she has somewhere safe to sleep and explains to her that he must be up early to cover the conference that the Princess is holding with the media in the morning. Little does he know he is talking to the Princess Anne herself.

I really enjoyed this film. Hepburn is stunningly beautiful throughout, it has a interesting storyline with plenty of funny moments thrown in for good measure. Lovely costumes and amazing scenery.  A good film for a lazy day.

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