Sunday, 25 September 2011

This Week Has Been....

This week has been....

  • An exam, which I am dreading the result of, I tried my best so fingers crossed that I have passed! 
  • A wedding, I attended the wedding of mum's lovely friend, Emma. She looked stunning! Wish I'd got some good pictures on my camera.
  • A birthday party- it was one of my closest friend's birthday party, I had such a good time! Annoyingly, I forgot my camera. 
  • My first day of my final year of nursing! Scary and exciting, only ten months until I'm qualified.
  • A trip to hobbycraft which I am in love with. I wish I wasn't so poor, their collection of wool is astounding! 
  • I baked my first batch of red velvets. I am now obsessed with them and want to make them every week. 
  • Got new glasses! In the picture I am modelling them (badly).  
Lesson of the week is to always take my glasses and camera with me whether I go!! 

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