Tuesday, 20 March 2012

20 Things I Love About My Fella

  1. He is the first person to congratulate me on anything- little things like cleaning or baking a batch of muffins to huge things like passing exams
  2. He is so handsome! Have you seen that gorgeous face?!
  3. He makes all kinds of wonderful food, hello fruity pancakes and tasty dinners.
  4. He is the best teacher. I am enjoying learning the guitar so much because of him.
  5. He makes me feel loved and cherished.
  6. He loves my pets like they're his children.
  7. He is so clever, sometimes I'm a little envious of his brain.
  8. He has the kindest of hearts.
  9. He loves me no matter what, whether I'm all dolled up or in my tracksuit bottoms.
  10. He is the most enthusiastic person I've ever met.
  11. He's vegan, what's not to love?
  12. He physically picks me up on a daily basis, which makes me feel like a little girl.
  13. He has amazing style and it's all his own.
  14. He knows how to cheer me up!
  15. He is ambitious and knows what he wants from life.
  16. He works so hard, he has two jobs and manages to juggle uni aswell.
  17. He gives good fashion advice and is the best shopping buddy.
  18. He makes everyday fun and exciting.
  19. He's pretty much like my personal trainer, we always workout together. 
  20. He's a good person, the best I'll ever know.

P.S. The fringe has made a comeback! 


  1. Aaw what a nice post! You guys are so cute :)

    1. Thank you! I was just making notes and then I thought I should post this. It's probably vomit-inducing for most people, all sickly sweet but hey :D xx

  2. Ah thats so sweet! It made me smile! x

  3. Aww that is too precious. =]


  4. Awww, this is adorable... you guys are so cute! Awww :) x

  5. This is a lovely post!
    I love the fringe too!

    It gave me an idea!
    I'm going to right this in a card (not exactly the same, of course) and stick it under his pillow!

    Cute, cute!


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