Sunday, 18 March 2012

Trying Out New Things

This week I'm trying out a few new things! 

  • Rocking a red lip, I like it when I look in the mirror so I think I'll be wearing it out soon.
  • Learning guitar with James, I've had one lesson and I am loving it so far. 
  • Giving up chocolate for a month. Let's see how that one goes. 
  • Also giving up tea and coffee. Lemon and hot water for me, please.
  • Reading in my spare time, The Happiness Project is really interesting. 
  • Planning some new projects. 
  • Trying to do a little assignment every day. 


  1. Love the red lipstick, it really suits you (and it doesn't suit everyone!)
    That's super about guitar, I'm learning ukulele and it's the best thing I ever tried!

    1. Ahh thank you very much. It's so fun learning something new isn't it? Much better way of spending spare time :D xx

  2. The lipstick looks great on you!
    Very Pretty!


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